Falco Consulting

A partner of choice to help your company grow

Choosing Falco Consulting means surrounding yourself with experienced and available consultants
in the administrative, accounting, tax and regulatory fields.

Advantages of using
an independent consultant

You hesitate to call upon a consultant? And yet, using consulting services provides you with many advantages: 

A specialist available for a defined period of time and providing you with valuable assistance during overload perod of work.

“Thinking outside the Box” Unbiased solutions based on experience in multiple companies and sectors.

A specialist whose expertise and knowledge you can benefit from.

A flexible, available and autonomous professional focusing on delivering his mandate according to the schedule and the rules of the art.

A timely solution for the company both from economical and juridical aspect

Independent consultant
absence of an intermediary allows to realize savings.

Our values

Our employees share common values that are a source of satisfaction for our customers. They are available when you need them and are attentive to your requests and problems. They deploy all the means at their disposal to bring you a fast and effective solution. In order to guarantee you a quality service, we are constantly investing in tools that allow us to offer more clarity and transparency to our customers, while drastically limiting the risk of errors.

Listening & availability when you need it

Respect of deadlines for total serenity

Quality of service for your satisfaction

Innovation for smooth and efficient collaboration


History and expertise

Falco Consulting is an independent fiduciary based in Luxembourg. We assist in the creation, management and development of companies in Luxembourg and abroad. We provide administrative, accounting, tax and legal services to companies operating in various sectors such as commerce, industry and banking. We master foreign legislations which allows us to accompany our clients in their expansion on a European and global scale.

Luxembourg legislation

French legislation

Spanish Legislation

American Legislation